"Green Power" Response to Monitoring Results of Meghri-1 SHPP


"Green Power" LLC has responded to the findings of the monitoring of "Meghri-1" SHPP carried out by EcoLur's expert group in the area of the SHPP. The letter addressed by the company to EcoLur says: "Before October 2016 the company had applied to Nature Protection Ministry to receive a water usage permit, nevertheless, the company hasn't received any reply yet. The company will apply to receive the copy, but if there is no response, it is considered to be issued.

The technical and economic rationale laid down 2 aggregates, but later it was changed and made 3, nevertheless, there was no change in the capacity: as a matter of fact, 2 aggregates of "Francis" model with 1050 kW capacity were installed, as well as 1 hydroaggregate of Chinese production with 400 kW capacity."

The electricity produced in the station, through electricity transmission line with 6 KW voltage, joins the transformer substation of 'Nzhdeh' SHPP located around 2 km above the SHPP building, where 6/110 transformed electricity joins the air line of 110 kW.

Before that, the entrance of the pressure pipeline is equipped with a relevant preventing cellular net, which is carried out in line with the project.

What about the need to have water-meter equipment for online data in the head section and environmental flow section, through which the online transmission data will be ensured, we are willing to take part in the relevant discussions.

Greening and improvement works are regularly carried out.

The company cleans the water intake section through designated sticks, while the photos you took with the garbage available, it is not the company area and the company doesn't have any right to carry out cleaning works there.'

"Meghri-1" SHPP is located in the administrative area of Lehvaz residential area, Meghri Community, Syunik Region. The SHPP is constructed on the Meghri River.

July 17, 2018 at 12:34