To Reject Project Submitted by "Gndasar Energo" LLC To Issue Water Use Permit to "Hors-1" SHPP

To Reject Project Submitted by


EcoLur informational NGO considers it necessary to refuse new water use permit  (WP) for the construction of "Hors-1" SHPP from 4 sources called Spitak in administrative district of Hors settlement in Yeghegis Community, Vayots Dzor Region with a flow rate of 110 l/s. The designed capacity of the SHPP will be 400 kW. It is expected to generate and sell 2,990,000 kW/h of electricity annually.

EcoLur submitted the rejection proposal to the Water Resources Management Agency of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia during the public discussion of the WP.

According to documents submitted by the company to the agency, these sources are located in the Taratumb River catchment. The drainage will be done at Hors River. These rivers flow through the Taratumb and Hors villages respectively and flow into the Sali River, which is a tributary to the Yeghegis River.

Thus, in case of construction of “Hors-1” SHPP the ecological system of the already damaged Yeghegis River basin will be deteriorated. The load on Yeghegis River exceeds 40% because of existing SHPPs. Due to SHPPs, the water quality of Yeghegis River has changed, hydrological, physico-chemical changes have taken place.

February 04, 2020 at 15:53