Shinuhayr Community Doesn't Have Irrigation Water While Drinking Water Provided for 2 Hours

Shinuhayr Community Doesn't Have Irrigation Water While Drinking Water Provided for 2 Hours


The irrigation and drinking water is a real problem in Shinuhayr community, Syunik Region. The community with a population of around 2500 people doesn't have any irrigation water, while the drinking water is provided only for two hours per day. ' Only 10% of the village waters its land areas with the pumps from our own tunnel, the rest doesn't have any irrigation water. Drinking water is on for 2 hours from Sisian. But there are houses, which can't have even these two hours of water because of an inconvenient location,' villagers told EcoLur.

The villagers don't deal with agriculture: the land plots of around 630 households are not cultivated and trees get dry because of the absence of water. According to the residents, they mainly deal with trading, 'It's good that we are located on the road to Tatev Monastery, as we have developed tourism and now we are dealing with trade. If you walk around, you will see there are shops on the roads and now food spots are being constructed,' Shinuhayr villagers said.

The cultivated land areas of Shinuhayr community are located in the gorge of the Vorotan River. The Vorotan River is the left tributary of the Araks River and starts from the south-western slopes of Syunik plateau.

The gorge is rich in water: you can see natural springs everywhere. The road leading there is almost inaccessible for cards and people have to walk several kilometers. For this very reason, they gradually starting living in the upper part of the gorge, where there is no water.

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18:09 October 03, 2017


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