Garnaritch Resident: "We Have Only One Tractor – Working As 911 "

Garnaritch Resident: "We Have Only One Tractor – Working As 911 "


Garnaritch Village, Shirak Region, located at the height of 2020 meters above sea level, doesn’t cultivate its plough lands, as Garnalitch Community Head Vanik Manukyan told in his interview with EcoLur. According to the official information, the plough lands in Garnaritch make up 251 ha.

“The weather is cold, it often hails, we don’t have any anti-hail devices plus no machinery. The irrigation system doesn’t operate in the village, it didn’t even exist in the Soviet Union,” Vanik Manukyan said. According to him, only land areas close to houses are cultivated in Garnaritch, where thy grow potato. According to the Community Head, the SHPP operating in the administrative area of Garnaritch doesn’t disturb their irrigation. “Water system is our local reservoirs, which ensure 24-hour-long water supply to the village.”

In reply to the question whether social programs have been implemented by the SHPP owner for the community, Vanik Manukyan said, “There is no impact and no social relations. The SHPP employs 4 people from the village.” The main source of income in Garnaritch is cattle breeding.

Because of cold winter Garnaritch villagers leave the village, but not abroad, warm regions in Armenia. “Snow cleaning car comes and cleans the road, if you driver in half an hour, the road will be blocked. We have a tractor, which works as a 911, four pregnant women were taken to Ghukasyan and Ashotsq for delivery. Even weak wind turns into a storm here.”

This material has been prepared in the frames of “Support to the Reforms of SHPPs through a Dialogue between the Public and The Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA for the Purpose of River Ecosystem Use” project.

August 20, 2015 at 16:38