“Vayots” SHPP: Monitoring Results (Photos)

“Vayots” SHPP: Monitoring Results (Photos)


In the framework of the project entitled “Support to SHPP-relating Reforms Through the Dialogue of Public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” the expert group visited “Vayots” SHPP. “Vayots” SHPP is located in Vayots Dzor Region, in the administrative areas of Artabuynq and Horbategh communities. The SHPP is constructed on the Artaboynq River (river-length – 18 km). It’s operated by “Surb Aghbyur” LLC. The expert group couldn’t climb up the head section of the SHPP because of road inaccessibility. The observations were carried out in the station.

As a result of the monitoring, the expert group found out:

  • The SHPP has been operating since 2014.
  • According to the project, the static pressure of the SHPP is 303 m, estimated pressure – 295 m, estimated yield is 1.3 l/s. According to the project, the projected capacity of the SHHP is 3050 kW. According to the PSRC, as of 01.01.2016 the factual useful delivery of the electricity is 10.49 million kWh, the estimated production of the SHPP is 10.49 million kWh, according to the project, duration of license - 23.04.2014-23.04.2029, water usage permit - 25.12.2014-25.12.2017.
  • According to the project, a steel-made pressure pipeline was planned with a diameter of 1020 and length of 2092 m.
  • According to the water usage permit, “Vayots” SHPP can carry out water intake annually 16.8 million cum ensuring an environmental flow of 0.04 cum/s in the river.
  • There are 3 aggregates installed in the SHPP building with different capacities. The pressure pipeline divides into pipes with diameters of 250 mm and 2x700 m before getting into the station. Pipes having the same diameter, 700 mm, join turbines with different capacities (1MW and 1.6 MW), which is not a right solution from the engineering viewpoint.
  • According to “Computation Center” CJSC data, in 2014 “Vayots” SHPP operated for 12 months and produced 3622283 kW electricity.
  • There are only several trees planted in the station area. The station area was not improved and fenced with wires.
  • The biotoilet planned according the project hadn’t been constructed.
  • According to the locals, there is no fish in the water because of water pollution in the river. According to some information, the river water has been contaminates since the 80’s with the water of drilled artesian wells, which are rich in different metals and chemicals.
  • The hydrological data of the river (flow, water abundance, stony banks etc.) comply with the biological requirements of the brown trout.
  • The aggregate percentage correlation of the derivation pipelines (3628m) of “Surb Aghbyur” SHPP (length of pressure pipeline – 1536 m, according to the project) and that of “Vayots” SHPP (length of pressure pipeline – 2092 m, according to the project) makes up 20.15% as compared with the river length (18 km).

The material was  developed in the frames of “Supporting reforms in the sector of small hydro power plants through enabling a dialogue between civil society  and the Ministry  of Nature Protection for sustainable use of river ecosystems” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

May 05, 2016 at 14:27