SHHP Impact on Geghi River To Increase

SHHP Impact on Geghi River To Increase


'Telia Mining' LLC has submitted a project for the environmental expertise to construct 'Astghaberd' SHPP on the Geghi River in Syunik Region.

'Geghi 2' SHPP is already operating on 30-kilometer-long Geghi River. If, according to the official data, 'Geghi 2' SHPP takes 4.5 cum water from the river and the river shall ensure 0.660 cum/s water, in the case of 'Astghaberd' SHPP, it will take 6.5 cum water from the river ensuring an environmental flow of 0.55 cum/s in the river. The water in the Geghi River will become extremely low in the aggregate area of 8 km of the 30-kilometer-long Geghi River because of the operation of two SHPPs, which will result to the hydraulic, thermal, settling and bed-washing, as well as water self-cleaning regimes. The conditions of feeding, spawning, and reproduction of local fish species will deteriorate. 'Geghi 2' SHPP doesn't have a fish passway at all, which is designed in the SHPP construction project. Nevertheless, 'Astghaberd' SHPP plans to construct a fish passway.

Different fish species can be met in the Geghi River such as brown trout, the South Caspian sprilin, Kura Barbel, the Angora loach, the common carp, the Kura loach and other fish species.
The photo shows the Geghi River after the water intake of 'Geghi 2' SHPP.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

18:34 September 12, 2017


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