Solar Photovoltaic Systems To Be Installed on Roofs of 90 Buildings in Yerevan

Solar Photovoltaic Systems To Be Installed on Roofs of 90 Buildings in Yerevan


The issues related to the details of the program realization were discussed during the regular meeting of the coordinating council of the “EU for Yerevan: Solar Community” program. It is planned to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of 90 blocks of flats to provide energy generating necessary for energy supply of the common premises of the buildings (lighting of staircases and yard areas as well as energy supply of elevators). The lighting of these premises is to be provided with LED lamps.

The Deputy Mayor of Yerevan, head of the coordinating council Hayk Sargsyan noted that despite some deviations from the schedule the work is actively going on. The tender for purchasing the lamps has been completed.

“This program is of high importance for the city and it is among the priorities of the Municipality. Before starting the practical stage of the program explanations are being carried out with the residents as the installation of the solar systems is possible only if the majority of them agree”, stressed Hayk Sargsyan noting that the construction permissions must be given on the basis of citizens’ applications.

The representative of the section of International Aid and Cooperation of the EU Delegation in Armenia Andrea Baggioli, the head of the support group of CoM-DeP Jan Waanders took part nin the meeting as well. The members of the council presented their remarks related to the program realization noting that with its volumes and ecological significance the “EU4Yerevan:Solar Community” program are important not only the capital.

It should be noted that the program is implemented by means of the grant disbursed by the EU, within the frames of the Covenant of Mayors initiative.


October 22, 2019 at 18:01