Two New Solar Photovoltaic Plants To Be Built in Lernagog

Two New Solar Photovoltaic Plants To Be Built in Lernagog

It is planned to build 2 new solar photovoltaic power plants in Lernagog settlement in Armavir Region, Armenia. 

The installed capacity of "Power 1" station is 12,600 MW, it is planned to install 24,960 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels. The installed capacity of "Power 2" station is 4800 kW, it is planned to install 9984 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels.

According to the applications submitted by the company, the category of agricultural land has been changed to energy. Since there is no vegetation in the area, the area was not used as pasture.

Under the application, damaged panels and other damaged parts will be generated during the operation of the solar plants, which will be stored in a seven-square-meter closed storage building in the area until they are handed over to the relevant organizations. The imported panels of the solar plant have a warranty of use, according to which the out-of-service or damaged panels will be returned to the manufacturer for replacement. In the rest of the period, the out-of-service panels will be accumulated in the warehouse on a contractual basis until the possibility of their export or processing is created. It should be noted that the legal acts of the Republic of Armenia do not stipulate any limitation clauses for changing the categories of agricultural land, and at the same time there are no electronic waste management norms.

Reminder: 6 more solar plants "Armavir 1", "Armavir 2", "Lernagog 1", "Lernagog 2", "San 1" and "San 2" will be built in Lernagog.

December 22, 2023 at 16:56

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