What Is Preventing Construction of "Aig-1" Solar Plant” ANIF's Response to EcoLur

What Is Preventing Construction of "Aig-1" Solar Plant” ANIF's Response to EcoLur

On April 16, 2024, "EcoLur" Informational NGO sent an inquiry to Executive Director of "Armenia National Interests Fund" CJSC (ANIF), Mr. Tigran Ghazaryan, regarding the construction of 200 MW solar photovoltaic plant "Aig-1" in Talin community, Aragatsotn Region.

According to the new amendments to the strategic plan for the development of RA energy sector, the construction of "Aig-1" solar plant has been postponed by one year from December 2024 to December 2025.

ANIF received a 15% shareholding in "Masdar Armenia" company implementing "Aig-1" project. The remaining 85% of the shares belong to "Masdar" company registered in the United Arab Emirates. A community development payment in the amount of 320,000,000 AMD was made according to the donation agreement signed by "Masdar" with Dashtadem and Talin communities, whereas ANIF has committed to allocate around 600,000 USD to Talin and Dashtadem communities for social programs.

EcoLur addressed the following questions to ANIF:

1. At what stage is the construction project of "Aig-1" solar photovoltaic station at present?

2. Are there any obstacles related to the implementation of the project?

3."EcoLur" was informed by RA Public Services Regulatory Commission that no application for a license was submitted, therefore, a license was not issued. Please comment on this fact.

4. What kind of social programs are implemented in Talin community within the framework of "Aig-1" project, how much money will be allocated to Talin community for the implementation of subsidy programs by the state, how much money will be allocated by ANIF and how much money - by "Masdar" Company.

Mr. Tigran Ghazaryan, Acting Executive Director of ANIF, responding to EcoLur's inquiry, informed, “The construction project of "Aig-1" photovoltaic plant jointly by "ANIF" and "Masdar" Company is in progress. At the present moment, the need to perform some additional works has arisen, such as as geological and land works.

ANIF has not disclosed any other details.

April 17, 2024 at 16:24