Conditions for Use of Water Resources Need To Be Reviewed

Conditions for Use of Water Resources Need To Be Reviewed


The conditions for the use of water resources in Armenia shall be reviewed: one of the main issues is environmental flow. Its calculation methodology doesn’t comply with the needs of the river ecosystem. This issue was considered at the meeting at Nature Protection Ministry on 25 March.

Currently the bases of the methodology are many-year-long hydrological observation in the certain area of the river, where the data with minimum flow of water for consecutive 10 days are collected. These calculations cover all the seasons not taking into consideration seasonal fluctuations, hydromorphological, hydrobiological and hydrochemical features. According to Lusine Taslakyan, Head Deputy of Water Resources Management Department, calculations shall be done each month to determine environmental flow taking into consideration seasonal fluctuations and water regime of the river, as well as ecosystem approach.

The material was  developed in the frames of “Supporting reforms in the sector of small hydro power plants through enabling a dialogue between civil society  and the Ministry  of Nature Protection for sustainable use of river ecosystems” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

15:37 April 05, 2016


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