Daranak Residents Have Clean Drinking Water

Daranak Residents Have Clean Drinking Water


It's been about a month since the taps of the residents' houses in the village of Daranak in Gegharkunik Region have clean water flowing. In November-December2019, a new 2km-400m drinking water pipeline was built in Daranak as a result of the Subsidy Program. Fenced and closed ponds have been installed.

"Absolutely no water flows through the ground, wherever it comes out from, from there it immediately enters the pool," said Daranak village head Hovik Karapetyan in his interview with EcoLur. According to him, three new ponds have been installed in the village.

For many years it has been a dream for the residents of Daranak to have clean water. Drinking water in Daranak originates from the natural springs on the mountains. Prior to the pipeline, the pipes connecting the water to the basin were open, and the basin, too. Drinking water had a brown hue, even worms in the water. https://www.ecolur.org/hy/news/sos/-/11519/

Village resident Gyulnaz Grigoryan told EcoLur that they are now very pleased with the water quality. The only problem, according to Grigoryan, is water scarcity. According to the resident, water scarcity will not be felt during the winter and spring months, but when the summer residents return to the village, it will not be enough.

According to Hovik Karapetyan, there will be no shortage of water in summer. He told EcoLur that the owner of "Daranak" SHPP, built on the river Daranak, located in their village, will stop the SHPP operation during the irrigation season.

“There was no snow until December, there was no water left in the mountains. But the SHPP is stopped in the summer. We still have pools where water flows from other sources. When the SHPP operates, the mountain receives no power, the springs are cut off. And when it doesn't work, the drinking water starts coming,” he said.


January 17, 2020 at 14:48