Environment Ministry Reponse to EcoLur in Regard to SHPPs

Environment Ministry Reponse to EcoLur in Regard to SHPPs


EcoLur Informational NGO has sent a request to Environment Minister Erik Grigoryan regarding the policies and regulations in the field of SHPPs.
EcoLur asked to provide the following information:
- How many SHPP have water meters that measure the environmental flow, when will the process of installing water meters be completed?
- How many SHPPs have water intake meters installed on then?
- Is there an online environmental flow monitoring system in SHPPs?
- Has the hydropower of the Republic of Armenia been evaluated and if so, how many HPPs and SHPPs can be constructed, on which rivers and with what capacity?
The reply letter of the Secretary General of Environment Ministry Vahe Jilavyan states:
"- No water meters are installed on the environmental flows of SHPPs, as according to the water use permit issued to SHPPs, the water meters must be installed in the water intake points;
- Water meters are installed in 133 SHPP water intake points, the installation of water meters in the other SHPPs is in progress;
- Currently, the work is underway to draft a list of rivers banned for the construction of small hydropower plants. Upon expiry of the water use permits of the operating SHPPs, the water use permits will be reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.”

18:05 February 27, 2020


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