"GasProm" Will Make Its Share in "GasProm Armenia" Up To 100%


Moscow, 4 June: The Board of Directors of "GasProm" agreed on the acquisition of 5.248 million additional ordinary shares of "GasProm Armenia" at 26.381 billion AMD (3.4 billion roubles), "GasProm" informs.

The Russian government has approved the amendments to the Russian-Armenian agreement on the provisions of sale and purchase of shares and operation of 'ArmRusGasProm' (now 'GasProm Armenia'), which says the share of "GasProm" in the chartered capital of 'ArmRusGasProm' will be made 100% from 80%.

'GasProm Armenia' has a monopoly right to the supply and distribution of Russian natural gas in the internal market of Armenia.

17:47 June 05, 2018


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