Jermuk Community Resident Against Construction of New SHPP

Jermuk Community Resident Against Construction of New SHPP


On 21 January, the residents of Jermuk community gave their negative opinions to the project on the construction of “JermukHydro” SHPP by “Jinj Arpa Hydro” LLC in the course of the public hearings. Jermuk Community Deputy Head Samvel Margaryan said in his interview with EcoLur that currently the municipality is preparing the minutes of the public hearings to present it to RA Nature Protection Ministry.

“35-36 residents of the optimized community attended the hearings, around 70% of them opposed to the construction of the SHPP. The residents don’t want to have a new HPP, which is related to the state of already constructed SHPPs and their impact. We have recorded the whole process of the hearings, now we are listening once again and discussing it to give our final conclusion,’ Samvel Margaryan said.

Presenting his own opinion, Community Deputy Head noted, “I am not against the construction of a HPP, as this is a workplace. But the HPP should be constructed and operated in a manner so as not to harm the nature and to lead to negative consequences. We already have the examples of constructed HPPs. In the summer, we can cross the Arpa River without having out feet soaked. If it is going to be like this, I’m against.”

“All the Jermuk residents taking part in the hearings said no to the project. This company already has a HPP on the Arpa River, and we can see how it operated: the whole river water is taken. We don’t have any economic benefit from HPPs, only they receive benefits. Besides, we can see the situation of the river because of HPPs. The Arpa River is not a full-water river any longer, it has turned into a small brooklet,’ Jermuk resident Aharon Arsenyan, a participant of the hearings said.

The company wants to construct the SHPP 4 km northeast from Jermuk Town. The head section of the SHPP will be constructed at a distance of 30m from Jermuk hydrological sanctuary. 434 trees will be cut down in the forest zone of 1.4342 ha as a result of the construction of a pipeline, which is 1550 meters long and 1000 mm diameter. The SHPP pipeline will pipe 13.8 percent of the Poqraqar tributary.

18:05 January 21, 2019


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