Monitoring Findings of "SEKA" SHPP (Photos)

Monitoring Findings of


In the frames of "Supporting New Reforms in SHPP Sector through CSO-Government Dialogue" project, the expert group visited "SEKA" SHPP, which is located in the administrative area of Qarahunj Community, Syunik Region, Armenia.  The SHPP is constructed on the Vorotan Tributary to the Vararak River, the length of which is 29 km. "SEKA" SHPP is operated by "KARALEVAS" LLC.

The fish passway has been constructed in line with the international standards: it has been designed by German 'Fichtner' Consulting Company by the fish passway computational methodology, which takes into consideration the sizes of fish species and torrential yields. Out of 5 wards, each has chess-like deep and surface holes, through which any fish can flow without experiencing any obstacles.

The SHPP has been constructed by the loaning funds provided by KfW Bank. The station with its equipment met all the European standards equipped with the automatd management system and constructed in line with the standards. The water intake is controlled by an online connection. The station has 1 “Vartech”  aggregate installed supplemented by one turbine of Bulgarian production and one generator of German production.


In order to abolish the anti-sanitary state of the riverbed, it's recommended for the near-bank communities to develop garbage collection and garbage discharge projects and to implement them.

Photo: Samvel Pipoyan

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

17:07 December 13, 2017


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