SHPP Pressure on Yeghegis River Continues Increasing

SHPP Pressure on Yeghegis River Continues Increasing


Despite the alarm signals on the deprivation of water in the Yeghegis River, the SHPP pressure on the Yeghegis River and its tributaries continue increasing. 'Getik HPP' LLC intends to construct 'Getikvanq' SHPP using the water resources of the Yeghegis River and its left tributary. The projected SHPP has a capacity of 2.44 mW, the annual electricity production is 9.05 million kWh.

According to the project developed by 'GidEpinInvest' LLC, the SHPP will take 1.5 cum/s water from the Yeghegis River ensuring an environmental flow of 0.050 cum/s, while the water taken from the left wing will make up 0.8 cum/s ensuring an environmental flow of 0.025 cum/s.

Already 12 HPPs have been operating on the Yeghegis River and its tributaries, while another 4 ones are in the process of construction. With the construction of a new SHPP 2.9 km of the Yeghegis River will be piped and 1.85 km of the left tributary will be piped. The Yeghegis River will have very low water in the aggregate section of 27055 meters.

Shatin community residents, Vayots Dzor Region, note that the Yeghegis River and its tributaries can't even now make up a 'stream', and the development of the hydropower on the Yeghegis River is violating their rights, as they have missed their opportunities to make use of the water. Because of the SHPPs, the river eco-balance has been disturbed, the water temperature has increased, and the fish species inhabiting in the river have disappeared.
In 2017 for the purpose of preventing the harmful impacts of small hydropower plants on the environment or reducing them RA Nature Protection Ministry developed the draft resolution on 'On Approving Criteria for Assessment of SHPP Construction and Development Impact on Environment', which banned the construction of SHPPs on a number of rivers, including the Yeghegis. Nevertheless, the draft resolution has recently undergone amendments and the ban on constructing SHPPs on the rivers was lifted.

The hearings of the construction of 'GetikVanq' SHPP in the Yeghegis River basin will be held at 12:00 on 22 September in Vardahovit Village Municipality, Vayots Dzor region.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

17:35 September 19, 2017


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