Whether Arevis Will Continue Existing? (Photos)

Whether Arevis Will Continue Existing? (Photos)


Borderline Arevis community in Syunik Region, Armenia, is gradually getting destroyed. There aren't any new buildings in the community. The only new structure is the building of 'Arevis-1' SHPP, which is the only operating business in Arevis and it doesn't belong either to the community or one of its residents. The hydropower plant currently employs 7 people from Sisian and Arevis.

Arevis used to be the center of calligraphy, but now Arevis school is located in a semi-destroyed building, where the section of the classroom is more or less normal. The school has 5 schoolchildren, and the community doesn't even have a house of culture.
The community with a population of 80 residents deals with cattle breeding and agriculture, but the cultivated land areas are gradually reducing. The community development program mentions that one of the obstacles to the community development is the absence of financial means. The community budget is 4,715,000 AMD. The dotation provided by the state makes up 3.5 million AMD, according to ex Village Head Sasun Sahakyan. The acutest problems in the community are the remoteness of privatized land areas, the absence of working places, the absence of playgrounds and other relevant areas, low living-standard of the population, miserable state of intra-community and intercommunity roads, the absence of public transportation, the absence of realization market and low prices of agro products. For these reasons, there isn't any project being implemented in the community. Currently, the community is concerned with heating problems. 'We have applied number times in regard to gas supply, nevertheless, this problem has still remained unsolved, while the fallen deadwood provided to Arevis residents for heating is not sufficient to resist cold winter,' Arevis ex-community head Sasun Sahakyan said in his interview with EcoLur.
Within optimization program, Arevis community together with other 30 communities has joined Sisian town. All these communities have different kick-off conditions, but taking into consideration the absence of infrastructures, financial, social and economic conditions in Arevis Community, a question arises: whether this borderline community can maintain its human resources and be involved in the general development plan.

 The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

18:09 November 16, 2017


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