EcoLur’s New Film -
22:46 November 01, 2019 | ՖԻԼՄ | Արարատ | Գեղարքունիք | Լոռի | Սյունիք
Copper, molybdenum, gold, zinc, silver, rare metals… What brings the wealth of Armenian soil to the people who are directly affected with open mines, tailings dumps and processing enterprises?
Premiere of
16:35 October 13, 2016 | ՖԻԼՄ | Կոտայք | Լոռի | Սյունիք | Վայոց ձոր
The premiere of “You Are Owners of Your Own Rights” film shot by EcoLur Informational NGO will be held at EcoLur Press Club at 12:00 on 14 October
New Film about Disaster in Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan: Premere at EcoLur
11:35 July 03, 2014 | ՖԻԼՄ | Արարատ | Արմավիր | Գեղարքունիք | Երեւան
The criminal activities of the government towards water resources lead to the disaster in Ararat Valley. The Ararat Valley is already using its irrecoverable water resources. The Nature Protection Ministry has issued water usage
Who Will Survive in Sevan
13:00 November 30, 2012 | ՖԻԼՄ | Գեղարքունիք
“Who Will Survive in Sevan” is a new documentary by EcoLur. The film broaches problems we all are concerned with, but first of all, the people living on the shore of Lake Sevan. The lake is surrounded with 40 communities. People there don’t take part
“Gold Mine for Sevan” Produced by EcoLur - Topical Again
16:45 October 28, 2011 | ՖԻԼՄ | Գեղարքունիք
If you have watched the film about EcoLur about Geopromining Gold 'Gold Mine for Sevan' which was shot in 2009, you can see this company started its operation in Armenia from the project of gold recovery factory in Sotq
EcoLur New Film “Amoulsar – Gold Rush”
12:00 October 11, 2011 | ՖԻԼՄ
EcoLur presents a new film “Amoulsar – Gold Rush”. The film is dedicated to the problem of the responsibility of Armenian authorities, that of Lydian International gold mining company and


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