"ArmForest" Explaining Why Ardvi Forest Trees Have Been Numbered


"ArmForest" SNCO is explaining why the trees in Tumanyan forestry enterprise adjacent to Ardvi Village, Lori Region, has been numbered. "ArmForest" SNCO informs that the abovementioned trees are located in sections 64, 66 and 59 of the 25th square of Tumanyan forestry enterprise of 'Lalvar' Forestry Enterprise of "ArmForest" SNCO, where trees have been numbered for the purpose of implementing care and sanitary felling for 2018. Mature and overmature hornbeams have been selected, which are already covered with hollows, lignivorous pests, and diseases.

The selected trees shall still undergo factual examinations by the professional committee, and based on its decision the further question of the tree felling will be determined,' the press release disseminated by 'ArmForest' SNCO Press Service says.

18:37 November 20, 2017


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