In Gugarq and Hrazdan 100% Forest Recovery Planned Due to Works

In Gugarq and Hrazdan 100% Forest Recovery Planned Due to Works


For the purpose of promoting sustainable forest management in Armenia recovery works are being carried out in 100 ha of Gugark and Hrazdan forestry enterprises each, “ArmForest” SNCO, as “ArmForest” SNCO First Deputy Minister, Chief Forester Ruben Petrosyan informed EcoLur during its visit paid to Gugarq forestry enterprise on 28 November. “The thorny bushes in this area have grown and now are removing extra branches leaving only 2 or 3. In the end, we will leave only one branch, which will turn into a tree and will establish a forest environment. Then seeds will fall down from these trees and we will have a seed-dispersal recovery forest. This process will last 30-50 years,” Ruben Petrosyan presented the recovery process. Under him, these works will promote 100% of forest recovery. These works are carried out in the frames of “Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus” (IBM) project by GIZ. IBM expert Gagik Amiryan said such recovery works reduce forest formation period and increase forest productivity, while generated fallen deadwood is given to the insecure families living in near-forest communities.

19:30 November 29, 2017


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