Fire Set near “Vanadzor” Forestry Enterprise Isolated

Fire Set near “Vanadzor” Forestry Enterprise Isolated


An alarm signal is beaten on Facebook social network that the slopes of Anpayt Maymekh Mountain in Vanadzor are on fire. According to “ArmForest” SNCO, the fire broke out not in the forest area, but in the dry grass-covered area of Vanadzor Town located in a distance of 3 km from Vanadzor Forestry Enterprise. “Though the probability of fire dissemination and access to fire is low, the employees of “ArmForest” SNCO have taken all the measures to extinguish the fire in the community area. Currently, the fire is isolated, and the employees of the forestry enterprise, MES and Police are on the scene,” “ArmForest” SNCO informs.

18:51 April 06, 2018


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