One Month of Pan-Armenian Tree Planting Launched

One Month of Pan-Armenian Tree Planting Launched

Ministry of Nature Protection

The Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia announces the month of Pan-Armenian tree planting.

Forest reforestation and renewal activities will be effected within approximately  80 hectares in forestry enterprises, specially protected areas of nature of nearly all regions of the Republic of Armenia,  which will also be conducted through tree plantings. Notably, the Ministry of Nature Protection envisages tree-planting on April 14, within the framework of which 35,000 plantings (ash, maple, oak, pine trees and etc.) will be planted within the area of 35 hectares. 

All non-governmental and other organizations, individuals wishing to participate in the tree planting may apply to the Press Service of the RA MNP “ArmForest” SNCO by calling 011-65-09-35, 095-75-93-37, the official Facebook page of “ArmForest” SNCO or e-mail addresses, as well as calling the Directors of “ArmForest” Forestry Enterprises.   

The RA  Ministry of Nature Protection urges everyone  to be actively engaged in forestation works to embellish our native land with green areas.

16:32 April 09, 2018


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