Urban Forest To Be Established in North Yerevan: Election Promises of "Luys" Alliance

Urban Forest To Be Established in North Yerevan: Election Promises of


EcoLur continues publishing the environmental components of election campaigns for Yerevan Aldermen's Council. In case "Luys" Alliance wins in the elections, the alliance promises a 'healthy capital' to Yerevan residents – continuously increasing green zones, clean water resources, which will serve for the improvement of environment and climate.

The candidate of "Luys" Alliance for Yerevan Mayor is Artak Zeynalyan. In Clause 3 of its election program, 'Healthy Yerevan' section, the alliance promises to establish an urban forest, to clean riverbeds and to construct a garbage recycling plant.

'We will develop a comprehensive greening project for the improvement of urban microclimate. We will plant the pavements of the avenues with such tree species, which will absorb noise, exhaust fumes of vehicles and will mitigate the summer heat. An urban forest will be established in the northern parts of Yerevan, which will aim to ensure Yerevan from floods. In cooperation with the neighboring regions, Yerevan will be surrounded with densely greened zones. Getar and Hrazdan riverbeds will be cleaned from household wastes and their riverbeds will be comprehensively cleaned. The flow of sewage into the rivers will be excluded. We will establish a new and contemporary landfill site in line with the EU standards. The landfill will have a station for the collection of poisonous gases and a combustion station and a generator will be established to generate electricity from biogas.'

Section 8 of their program covered the problem of aqueducts, irrigation networks, and sewage, ' With the cooperation of the community and the private sector, we will entirely modernize the aqueduct system in the town excluding any water cut-off in the city. The irrigation network of green zones will be expanded. The Station for sewage cleaning will be reconstructed.'

16:04 September 13, 2018


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