Charcoal Workshops Operating Azatamut Community Applying Ineffective Technologies with High Harmfulness

Charcoal Workshops Operating Azatamut Community Applying Ineffective Technologies with High Harmfulness


The charcoal workshops operating in Azatamut Community, Tavush Region, are applying ineffective technologies with high harmfulness: this is what the committee established in Azatamut Community to examine the activities of charcoal producing workshops and their impact on the environment has found out recently, as RA Tavush Regional Municipality informed EcoLur. On 4 June, the committee members had a meeting with charcoal producers: out of 26 charcoal producers 12 took part in this meeting. For the purpose of preventing illegal tree felling, the committee members persuaded the entrepreneurs to demand documents confirming lawfulness when buying firewood. It was also proposed to use convection ovens, which will result in increasing the energy conversion efficiency while emissions will reduce as a result of secondary burn. The approximate value of such a stove is 200,000 AMD. Committee member Gagik Aghbalyan said in his interview with EcoLur, “We asked Tavush Regional Body of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control to take data from Azatamut Medical Center within one week, to compare them with the data of another community located in the same natural and climate conditions so as to understand the impact of charcoal workshops on the dynamics of respiratory diseases.” In order to carry out air quality lab analyses in Azatamut, the committee has applied to Tavush Regional Division of Environmental and Mining Inspection Body. In its turn, this body shall apply to the Ministry of Environment requesting from the ministry to carry out the required monitoring. At the press conference of Environment Minister Erik Grigoryan held on 5 June, in reply to EcoLur’s question what kind of steps the ministry is going to make in the sector of charcoal production in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment, the Minister said, if these activities are legal and have emissions, they should receive emission limit permits. The committee examining the operations of charcoal workshops has already initiated the examination of the loopholes available in the legislation on charcoal production, afterwards proposals will be submitted to the National Assembly and the Armenian Government to set regulations and norms for productions.

18:11 June 05, 2019


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