Ministry of Emergency Situations Warns

Ministry of Emergency Situations Warns

Dear citizens,
The risk of causing and spreading a fire in forest and adjacent grass areas grows because of the sharp increase of the temperature in the Republic.

Ministry of Emergency Situations appeals:
1) Don’t throw burning match or remainder of cigarette without glowing it out;
2) Don’t burn hay or litter;
3) Don’t make a bonfire: in case of extreme necessity burn it in open areas surrounding it with a layer of wet soil of 0.5m and extinguish it with water or cover it with soil at the end;
4) Don’t leave bottles, pieces of glass in glades: they can be as burning lenses;
5) Don’t drive defective cars in forest grass areas;
6) Don’t leave (pour) rags soaked in lubricating oil, petrol, kerosene and other easily flammable liquids (except in specially allocated places).

The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges to preserve fire safety rules, not to cause fire situations, show more cautiousness and vigilance.

16:47 June 07, 2019


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