ATP” Supporting Residents in Establishing Hotbeds

ATP” Supporting Residents in Establishing Hotbeds


It’s already 12 years since “ATP” has been implementing backyard nursery program to promote small enterprises. With the support of “ATP” several communities in Tavush, Gegharkounik and Shirak Regions are trained to grow tree seedlings on plots of land in their backyards and ATP purchases the seedlings when the trees are ready to be planted in the nearby forests. The program also has a presence in the Shirak and Gegharkounik regions. Six families in Keti Village are growing trees which should produce seedlings in two years, and four families in the mountainous village of Jambarak are part of the program. In Aghavnavank, the program has created jobs for five households and continues to be a steady source of income for them. Six families in Aghavnavank are currently growing a total number of 3500 trees. We are aiming to expand this program, so we are seeking to involve and train new families,” said CTP Manager Arthur Harutyunyan and added, “The European Parliament has awarded us “Global Energy Efficiency for Sake of Sustainability” reward, which is based on three aspects ensuring sustainability, i.e. positive effect on humans, incomes and planet.”

11:13 April 29, 2016


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