Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan Promises to Make 'ArmForest' Profitable Body

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan Promises to Make 'ArmForest' Profitable Body


'We are inclined to and will definitely make 'ArmForest' a profitable and strong body, a profitable organization without violating any environmental norm,' as Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan said at his visit paid to RA Nature Protection Ministry on 6 February.

RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said on Lake Sevan that the lake transparency of 13 m is still preserved. It was mentioned that risk indicators have been recorded in some parts of Lake Sevan.

Reminder: in 2017,  270 million cum water was let out of Lake Sevan, which is more by 100 million cum than the statutory-set volume, which resulted in the lake having a negative balance.
Karen Karapetyan mentioned if the indicators recorded as a result of Lake Sevan monitorings have concerning signals, relevant actions should be taken. The officials in charge of Ararat Valley presented that in 2017 1 well was liquidated, 16 were conserved and 150 deep wells were brought to a valve regime. Around 4952 l/s water has been saved, which annually makes up around 156 million cum, Around 23% water saving has been recorded only in terms of fish farms.
The following has been reported on ecotourism: in 2017 549,128 tourists visited specially protected areas of nature. 

The PM assigned to continue works on the reforms and development strategy of Sevan National Park, as well as the development program of Khosrov Forest State Reserve was presented.


February 07, 2018 at 15:21