5000 Ha of Degraded Forest Area To Be Restored in Lori and Tavush

5000 Ha of Degraded Forest Area To Be Restored in Lori and Tavush


By 2020 it’s planned to recover 500 ha degraded forest area and 1000 ha of pastures, improved soil management in around 200,000 ha of area, avoiding emissions of around 55,901 tons of carbon dioxide and consumption of 21,493 tons of carbon dioxide, reviewing of 11 forestry enterprise management plans: these are the outcomes of UNDP/GEF “Mainstreaming sustainable land and forest management in mountain landscapes of North-Eastern Armenia” (SLM/SFM) project as presented by Hovik Sayadyan, Technical Task Leader of SLM/SFM project at the second meeting of the Project Consultation Board. He mentioned that the target area includes 65% of forest reserves of Tavush and Lori Regions.

“Forest management plans will be reviewed introducing there new appendixes, which refer to biodiversity, ecosystem and forest carbon absorption service...it's planned to develop local communities. It's expected to increase additional benefits by 20% for communities having the dependence on forest,” Hovik Sayadyan said. He stated that anti-hail stations are acquired for communities, they are also planning to obtain energy-efficient ovens. Referring to the cadastre incorrectness of forest borders, Hovik Sayadyan said, 'We have planned to carry out cadastre registration of the external borders of the forest, which we don't have so far. This will enable the forest to become a legal entity, attacks on the forest in terms of use will become significantly easier and the forest will be protected in the terms of its external borders.' As a result of the project, it's expected to separate 85,000 hectares of high-value forest zones.

17:38 December 28, 2017


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