Ijevan Policemen Detected Illegal Tree Felling Case

Ijevan Policemen Detected Illegal Tree Felling Case


On 5 April, the criminal investigators of Ijevan Division of Police detected the truck owned by Tigran P, aged 44, loaded with logs of different tree species in the area called “Tsaruti Dzor” in Ijevan Forestry Enterprise in “ArmForest” SNCO, as the official website of the Armenian Police informs. Near the truck different logs were also detected. Tigran P. didn’t present any relevant documents and informed he had illegally felled down 6 trees.

The truck with 15 logs had been transferred to a specially protected area of the department, while 23 logs have been given for the maintenance of the employees of Ijevan forestry enterprise. The extent of the damage is being clarified and the materials are being prepared.

15:11 April 08, 2019


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