Art Workers Established First Museum -Forest in Armenia

Art Workers Established First Museum -Forest in Armenia


"Pegasus Tabdzaver" NGO has organized the first museum-forest in Armenia, the Magic Forest in Tandzaver Village, Syunik Region. The idea came from the efforts of a couple who moved from Spain and the people who joined them. Artists from abroad, Yerevan and the local community are involved in the magic forest project.

They create sculptures with different images from the remnants of nature, such as torn oak branches. The artists say that with the sculptures they have created, they want to show that nature is life and that it should be respected.
The local residents are also involved in the implementation of the project: they help artists choose branches to make sculptures. Locals hope that the project will make the village recognizable and develop tourism.

Watch the video by Civilnet about the magic forest․

Photos from Mariamakhot Teghut Sukhudyan's Facebook page

April 21, 2020 at 11:53