Gates Closed, Traces of Tree Felling

Gates Closed, Traces of Tree Felling


The gates are closed, while the traces of tree felling are evident. EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Arthur Igityan, Dilijan. He sent photos to EcoLur. “I took this photo 1.5 km away from Matosavanq. The wide road laid to the spot of felling shows that trees are fell down in industrial scales. This road is used only by trucks loaded with wood. Matosavanq is located next to Dilijan in the territory of the national park, where there are signs on the gates. Gates are closed, but judging by the road, it’s not difficult to open them,” Arthur Igityan mentions.

EcoLur has made a request to “Dilijan” National Park Director Ashot Davtyan. Under A. Davtyan, National Park is carrying out tree felling in accordance with the submitted plan. Nevertheless, he said this alarm signal needs to be checked on spot, as no tree felling is planned in the territory described by Artur Igityan. As it’s currently raining heavily in Dilijan, examinations will be held as soon as there are better weather conditions. The official reply by Dilijan National Park will be published on EcoLur’s website.

Photo by Artur Igityan

17:35 September 14, 2012


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