Opportunities of Importing Timber from Russia into Armenia Discussed

Opportunities of Importing Timber from Russia into Armenia Discussed


RA Nature Protection Ministry discussed the opportunities of importing timber and bricks from Vologda Region of the Russian Federation and production of biofuel from timber on the spot.
The aim of importing timber is to reduce the pressure on the forests of Armenia and cases of illegal tree felling.
The problem of hearing escalates in Armenia: because of high prices of gas and electricity the main overload vests on the forests. The situation is really hard in rural communities where there is the high level of poverty.
According to the data provided by 'State Center for Forest Monitoring' SNCO, 'Using fuelwood consumption market analysis methodology, EDRC SNCO with the help of NGOs initiated and carried out public opinion surveys to study the internal consumption market of the fuelwood used by the population in 2013-2014 and the summary of the results showed that the volume of used fuelwood in Armenia made up /1.395731 c.m. reserve/ 977011.7 dense/c.m. That is, the total volume of the fuelwood consumed in the internal market made up 977.011,7 dense/c.m. in 2013-2014, the volume of non-registered used fuelwood – 773.778 cum.

15:59 December 19, 2017


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