Alarm Signal: Trees Felled Down in "Dilijan" National Park

Alarm Signal: Trees Felled Down in


On 13 March ‘Environmentalist’s House’ Facebook page posted an alarm signal on the tree felling having occurred in Dilijan National Park. The posted photos show the stubs of freshly cut trees. “We have just detected them, “Dilijan National Park” forester is claiming these trees were felled down 2 months ago,” the alarm beaters posted. Protection and Soil Inspection Body Press Secretary Vruyr Pepanyan of RA Nature Protection Ministry told EcoLur they are currently examining the alarm signal, “Currently we can’t say anything, as the alarm signal doesn’t mention the coordinates. The given division of the inspection body is making clarifications.” We didn’t manage to get in contact with Dilijan National Park. As we were told at the National Park Office, the director with his deputies is having a meeting with RA Nature Protection Minister.

12:51 March 14, 2018


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