International Forest Day Marked on 21 March

International Forest Day Marked on 21 March


March 21 is the international day of forests. The theme for 2019 is 'Learn to love forests.' The international day of forests was first marked in 2013 and aims to show the significance of forests in the preservation and development of human civilization. The theme of the international day of forests for 2019 aims to underscore the importance of the correct upbringing of children and youth in the conservation of trees and forests.

'Forests ensure clean air and water, preserve biodiversity and respond to climate change. The importance of forests increases as the population of the world will reach 8.5 billion in 2030. Educational investments in forest economy can change the world for the better,' the UN press release says. Armenia is a country with few forests. The forests of Armenia and forest areas make up around 11.2% of the country area as a result of state registration of forests in 1993, 460,000 ha out of which 334,100 ha forest-covered areas.

As a result of forest felling, forests have become less dense, economically high-value oak and beech trees have been replaced with low-value hornbeam and low-zone forest species. Red-listed species have disappeared.

Within the frames of the UN Convention on Climate Change, the forest cover in Armenia shall reach 20.1% by 2050 as laid down in the document entitled ' Intended Nationally Determined Contributions-INDC'.


16:56 March 21, 2019


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