84% of Crimes against Environment Relate to Illegal Tree Felling

84% of Crimes against Environment Relate to Illegal Tree Felling


953 cases of crimes directed at the safety of the environment were recorded in 2018, out of which 801 cases or around 84% were the cases of illegal tree felling. In 2017, 606 cases of illegal tree felling were recorded, as the Press Service of Chief Prosecutor's Office informs publishing the results of the criminal and legal fight against illegal tree felling in the course of 2018.

If 34 people have been pressed with charges in 2017 for illegal tree felling, in 2018 this figure was 38 - ac ompared with 2017, the number of initiated criminal cases in 2018 was doubled – 68 people were involved as acused in the proceedings of 217 criminal cases initiated in 2018, while this figure in 2017 accounted for 38 people.

During the proceedings of several criminal cases 31 officials have been persecuted or a criminal case was initiated towards them. The damage caused to the state have made up over 69 million AMD as a result of the criminal conduct of these 31 officials,, out of which 28.5 million has been recovered. In case of 19 officials, the criminal cases have been sent to court and 7 official have been found guilty under court verdicts.


16:15 April 08, 2019


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