Illegal Tree Felling in Lori Region

Illegal Tree Felling in Lori Region

Recently, a number of cases of forest violation have been detected in the forest areas of RA Lori Region. Lori Territorial Division of Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body found out:

1. Case of illegal cutting of 1 hornbeam tree and illegal collecting of 0.06 cubic meters of firewood.

2. Case of illegal cutting of 1 beech tree and illegal collecting of 0.2 cubic meters of firewood.

3. Case of illegal collecting 1.3 cubic meters of fallen firewood.

4. Based on the letters received from Lori Regional Division of the Police, the inspection body found out that the residents of Lori region, GM and S.B. collect 0.7 cubic meters of firewood each, whereas Vanadzor Town resident S. Kh. illegally cut down a walnut tree, the damage amounted to 184,500 AMD.

5. On the basis of the letter received from "Vanadzor Forestry" branch of "ArmForest" SNCO, it was found out that the resident of Lori region H. A. illegally cut down 1 hornbeam tree in the 8th guard post of "Yeghegnut Forestry".

It was found out by RA Police:

1. On August 16, the officers of Gugarq Police Department inspected a UAZ car driven by a resident of the same village, which was loaded with 1.5 cubic meters of timber in the administrative area of​​Pambak village.

August 18, 2020 at 13:08