13 Years After Elimination of Dalma Gardens Ex Dalma Land Users Continue Demanding Their Due Compensations

13 Years After Elimination of Dalma Gardens Ex Dalma Land Users Continue Demanding Their Due Compensations


For already 13 years the ex land users of Dalma Gardens continue their fight for compensation of the land areas they have been deprived of. On 26 January they gathered near the President’s seat with their well-known green posters to remind the Armenian President about their problems connected with the Dalma Gardens. ‘Our Dalma land areas have been seized from us before the expiry of the agreement term and given to tycoon investors, so now we must get a compensation for that. We are here to ask the President to interfere and to grant us our due compensation. We have been fighting since 2004. The total number of land users was 48, out of which 38 people have received compensation, but 11 are left without any,’ Manvel Arzoyan, an ex Dalma Garden land user, said in his interview with EcoLur. He mentioned that he was paid US $ 900 for the land area of 2500 sq. m. Leased by him, but US $ 1500 must still be paid.

‘My land area has been allotted to the second President of Republic Robert Qocharyan without granting any compensation to me. The Municipality sued the other investors to receive the compensation, but in my case they can’t sue Robert Qocharyan. My matter has remained unsolved,’ ex land user Benik Palazyan said. The land users mentioned that they sent a letter to the Armenian Government with a demand for compensation at the end of 2017. Yerevan Municipality responded to this letter saying they deal with this matter. According to the land users, Yerevan Municipality is trying to get compensation from Dalma Garden investors in court.

Reminder: Since 2004 Yerevan Municipality has sold Dalma Garden land areas to different people and organizations depriving the land users of their rights. Many court litigations proceeded based on the claims of the leasers. Nevertheless, their right to land hasn’t been recovered. In 2008 the Aarhus Compliance Committee has reached a decision that Armenia had violated several clauses of the Aarhus Convention in regard to Dalma Gardens.

17:40 January 29, 2018


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