"Visit Teghut, Enjoy Nature and Fresh Air": Big Goals of Small Village in Tavush Region

"Visit Teghut, Enjoy Nature and Fresh Air": Big Goals of Small Village in Tavush Region

Teghut settlement of Dilijan community, Tavush Region, has ambitious goals. With the slogan Visit Teghut, Enjoy Nature and Fresh Air", Teghut residents intend to develop tourism. Teghut is a rapidly developing settlement thanks to tourism. The villagers provide the tourists with agricultural products, host them in guest houses and hotels.

"Tourists come to us a lot. We have 40-50 guest houses, hotels, there are applications for the construction of 10-15 guest houses. Sometimes there are no free places in guest houses," Vakhtang Tamrazyan, Teghut Administrative Head said.

According to Administrative Head, the biggest problem of Teghut is the lack of water. "The village has about 1500 inhabitants, more than 400 households. Water is given to residents by the hour. the new water line is a necessity," Vakhtang Tamrazyan outlined. He mentioned that it is planned to build a drinking water water line under the 2023 subsidy program.

The village is near the forest, next to "Dilijan" National Park. Teghut residents use firewood from the national park.

 The village is supplied with gas. Energy efficiency and energy saving programs are not implemented here. "We cannot refuse from using gas," Vakhtang Tamrazyan noted.

Vakhtang Tamrazyan answered the question of whether it is possible to provide land in the village for the implementation of environmental projects. "Most of our territories are leased to residents, people are engaged in animal husbandry. We are ready for cooperation, but not for leasing."

October 11, 2023 at 15:09