Climate Change Exacerbated Water Problem in Talin Community

Climate Change Exacerbated Water Problem in Talin Community

As a result of climate change, springs have dried up in Talin consolidated community, Aragatsotn Region. The problem has worsened especially in recent years, as Serge Mkrtchyan, First Deputy Head of Talin Community, said in his conversation with EcoLur.

The area of ​​Talin Community makes up 223 thousand hectares. 90% of the irrigated area is not irrigated due to the lack of an irrigation network.

"The community is making every effort to at least be able to properly manage the existing water. We must make a transition to drip irrigation and reservoir construction for water conservation and storage. We hope that about 7000 hectares of land in Talin will be irrigated after the construction of Kaps reservoir," Serge Mkrtchyan said.

Drinking water is also a problem in Talin community, which includes 33 settlements.

According to him, the implementation of projects worth around 2 billion AMD is expected in the community, within the framework of which the issue of irrigation and drinking water will be partially resolved.

These amounts should be provided as compensation for 547.31 hectares of land in Talin and Dashtadem, which were donated for the construction project of "Aig-1" solar plant. 

The lack of forested area has a significant impact on the climatic situation. The lands of Talin forest fund make up 1082.09 hectares, which is 1 percent of the total area of ​​the municipality.

"There is a state program within the framework of which we provided areas where it is appropriate to create forest layers. It is a measure to fulfill the state obligation," Serge Mkrtchyan noted.

October 17, 2023 at 15:38