Climate Change in Margahovit Settlement: Problems and Development Prospects

Climate Change in Margahovit Settlement: Problems and Development Prospects

Margahovit settlement of Pambak community, Lori Region, is exposed to the negative impact of climate change. Vahram Danielyan, Administrative Head of the settlement, said in his interview with Ecolur:

"Climate change has exerted an adverse effect on the pasture. The pastures are mostly on the verge of destruction. Agriculture is also affected in the form of land degradation, which also affects people's incomes. Due to not getting a normal harvest, they don't cultivate in large quantities, and they don't even engage in farming."

The water problem is getting worse in Margahovit. "There is a shortage of water. We do not have irrigation water in the territory of the settlement. There are springs that dry up for about 2-3 months," said Vahram Danielyan. Despite the fact that the settlement is gasified, they burn wood for heating in winter. "80 percent of the village is heated with wood, 20 percent with gas, as the latter is expensive," the administrative head noted.

Modern energy-saving technologies are not available for residents.

As an alternative to firewood, briquettes are considered. "This year, in cooperation with "Diakonia" Foundation, we provided 10 hectares of free land, on which they grow the Miscanthus-gigantus plant, they are also preparing to build the factory and receive eco-briquettes. The clauses of our contract say that briquettes will be distributed to all disadvantaged families in the village for free, and to the rest with a big discount," Vahram Danielyan outlined.

According to Administrative Head, tourism has started to develop in the settlement in the last 2 years. "We attach great importance to tourism, we do have attractions," Vahram Danielyan stressed.

May 10, 2024 at 16:49