Report on Land Fund Distribution for 2019 Approved without Corrected Data on Forest Land Areas

Report on Land Fund Distribution for 2019 Approved without Corrected Data on Forest Land Areas


On October 3 2019, the Executive approved the report on the availability and distribution of RA land fund for 2019 without corrected forest land data. In connection to the decision, the Ministry of Environment informed: “The draft Land Balance Sheet of the Republic of Armenia (by regions) has some inconsistencies in the forest land data set by the forest management plans of the branches of forestry enterprises.

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia has no objections to the draft decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “On the Report of Land Fund Availability and Distribution (Land Balance) for 2019” provided that relevant amendments will be made in RA land balance after clarification of forest land boundaries, after adjustment of forest land maps and cadastral data.”

The adopted decision stipulates that the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, after adjusting the land allocation inaccuracies revealed during the implementation of forestry programs, after adjusting the boundaries of forest lands and specially protected areas in accordance with management plans, made them compliant with the RA regional heads, heads of communities and submit to the Cadastre Committee for the inclusion in the current land balance.

 According to officially approved data for 2019, the territory of Armenia is 2'974.3 thousand hectares, of which 208.7 ha are irrigated. Armenia has 2'044.2 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 151.9 thousand hectares of residential land, 38.6 thousand hectares of industrial, soil management and other industrial land areas, 13.1 thousand hectares of energy, transport, communication, communal infrastructure land areas, 335.6 thousand hectares of specially protected land areas, 30.5 thousand hectares of land of special significance, 334.0 hectares of forest land, 25.8 thousand hectares of water land areas, 0.6 thousand hectares of reserve land.

According to the ownership subjects, the picture of RA land fund is as follows: citizens - 537.7 thousand hectares, legal entities - 36.0 thousand hectares, community-owned - 1'026.7 thousand hectares, state-owned - 1'373.2 thousand hectares, foreign states, international organizations - 0.7 thousand hectares.

14:34 October 04, 2019


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