Who Stands Behind Ijevan Protesters?
15:09 July 18, 2019 | Անտառ | Տավուշ
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated people carrying out unlawful logging attempted to impose unlawful conditions upon the government. Any attempt to impose unlawful conditions upon the government will be deserving of the harshest counteraction
Policemen Detected Illegal Tree Felling at Dilijan National Park
15:12 July 16, 2019 | Անտառ | Տավուշ
The policemen of Dilijan Division stopped a car at the sentry post at around 21:40, July 15: the driver of the car, aged 28, didn’t present any relevant documents and informed that the timber available in the car in the
Announcement: measures are taken to identify violators
14:47 July 16, 2019 | Անտառ | Երեւան
On July 14 information was received from the citizens to Central Emergency Centre of “911” service of National Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA that a vegetative cover area was burning by two unidentified citizens
State Incurred Essential Damage Due to Improper Preservation of Forest Area in Erebuni Forestry Enterprise
16:13 July 15, 2019 | Անտառ | Երեւան
President of “EcoLur” NGO Inga Zarafyan filed a report to RA Chief Prosecutor’s office for the purpose of checking the expediency of the use of 59 million AMD allotted for reforestation in Erebuni forestry enterprise and the lawfulness of the allocation of 2.42 ha of forest areas for the construction of a new landfill site in Nubarashen by submitting the verdict of the “Public Environmental Court” public initiative
Illegal Tree Felling in Gugarq Village
12:20 June 25, 2019 | Անտառ | Լոռի
On 22 June, at 22:30, the policemen of Gugarq Division of Police, checked the car driven by Vahagni villager, aged 35, loaded with around 2 cum of timber in the course of the inspection
Vardenis Policemen Revealed Illegal Tree Felling in Sevan National Park
15:10 June 21, 2019 | Անտառ | Գեղարքունիք
On 19 June, the Inspector of the first section in Vardenis Branch of Sevan National Park” SNCO filed a report in Vardenis Division of Police that the same day, at about 19:00, he detected 6 illegally felled down pine trees
Illegal Tree Felling in Dilijan
15:03 June 21, 2019 | Անտառ | Տավուշ
As the website of RA Police informs, on 19 June the policemen of Dilijan Division of Police, while realizing operative information, detected a car next to one of the houses at 1 dead alley, Kalinin Street, loaded with around 1.5 cum timber
Ministry of Emergency Situations Warns
16:47 June 07, 2019 | Անտառ
The risk of causing and spreading a fire in forest and adjacent grass areas grows because of the sharp increase of the temperature in the Republic


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