Armenia Annually Consumes 1.5 Million Cum Fuelwood

Armenia Annually Consumes 1.5 Million Cum Fuelwood


Armenia annually spends 1.5 million cum fuelwood, as UNDP/GEF “Mainstreaming sustainable land and forest management in mountain landscapes of North-Eastern Armenia” (SLM/SFM) project expert Sevak Hovhannisyan said at the at the second meeting of the Project Consultation Board. He mentioned that in 2016 the production of fuelwood in Armenia exceeded its consumption by around 0.5 million cum. Sevak Hovhannisyan also studies the opportunities of importing fuelwood into Armenia. Import is unrealistic because of high prices and logistic difficulties,' Sevak Hovhannisyan mentioned and outlined several options to the solutions of the problems. 'The first one is the regulation of gas price. Compared with gas, the price of illegally cut down a tree is currently cheaper by 30%. The second option is the replacement of fuelwood with alternative solid fuel – pellets and bricks, which should be of local production,' the expert said.

18:30 December 28, 2017


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