Armenian Government Increasing Legal Tree Felling Volumes

Armenian Government Increasing Legal Tree Felling Volumes


The volumes of legal tree feeling will increase three times in 2018 as compared with the preceding 10 years accounting for 90596 cum. This volume has been approved by the decree of RA Agriculture Ministry as of 6 February 2018.

Even this increased volume can't meet the demand of the timber existing in the country.

The research results of FLEG 1 Project on forest legislation use and forest management sphere implemented in 2010 showed that in Armenia each family uses 10-15 cubic meters of firewood in the season. There annual demand of 500-650 thousand cubic meters of firewood which isn’t possible supply by sanitary felling. 

Under 'State Center for Forest Monitoring' SNCO, in 2013-2014 the total volume of the fuelwood consumed in the internal market made up 977.011,7dense/c.m. in 2013-2014, the volume of non-registered used fuelwood – 773.778 cum.

If a decision is reached to legalize the illegal tree felling to meet the demand of the timber, we will lose our scarce forests, which will result in the serious ecological state – soil erosion, loss of water springs, landslide and desertification process activation, loss of oxygen, reduction of carbon dioxide collectors and elimination of forest biodiversity.

In parallel with illegal felling, in the recent 10 years, the state hasn't allotted any funds from the fines paid for illegally felled down trees. According to 'ArmForest' SNCO Deputy Director, Chief Forester Ruben Petrosyan, in 2018 the state has allotted funds for reforestation for the first time in the recent 10 years.

17:31 February 15, 2018


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