'ArmForest' Being Optimalized

'ArmForest' Being Optimalized


On 9 November Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan discussed the structural changes of “ArmForest” SNCO. The PM outlined that as a result of all structural reforms “ArmForest” SNCO shall have a logical configuration and become a more efficiently operating structure. The head of the government has assigned all the officials in charge to additionally discuss all the options in working-group format and to present proposals on the optimal structure of “ArmForest” and its working program, as we learn from the official website of the executive.

Reminder: RA Agriculture Minister has developed a draft resolution “On Concept Paper of Forest Sector Reforms”, which proposes to delegate the management of all the forests in Armenia, including the specifically protected areas of nature, to one body – State Forest Committee. Unification of Forests and Management by one body is not accepted by the society unilaterally, particularly, they oppose to the unification of the forests and specifically protected areas of nature, which are different objects both in legal, target and operational terms. The specifically protected areas of nature are integral forest areas, landscapes and biodiversity, the management of which are based on the principles of environmental conventions.

17:50 November 13, 2017


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