ENPI FLEG NPAC meeting in Tavush marz

ENPI FLEG NPAC meeting in Tavush marz


The World Bank has organized subsequent ENPI FLEG NPAC meeting in Tavush marz, 23 June, 2011. The main objective of the meeting was to visit the forest, see implemented re-forestation and forest preservation activities, following site visit to discuss outstanding issues and possible solutions in the format of round table.  

The participants (NPAC members, “Hayantar” central and local representatives, heads of forest adjacent communities) visited Sevqar and Noyemberyan forest enterprises, witnessed forest preservation activities which enhance natural re-growth. Local television representatives were also present to interview head of “Hayantar” and ask questions of common concern.   

After the site visit a round table discussion was held in Ijevan, where the head of Tavush marz (marzpet) was also present. 

Draft Government decree, developed by “Hayantar” SNCO on “providing the fallen wood to forest adjacent communities free of charge” pas presented to the participants. As heads of communities are direct representatives of community members and are well aware of day-to-day issues, the discussion was a great opportunity to find out impact, attitude and feasibility of possible amendments.  

During the discussion all the participants acknowledged the importance of sustainable forest management, and importance of treating three components – environmental, social and economic in equal manner, as they are interconnected.

By the end of the meeting it appeared that discussions of similar format are more efficient and involve a broader scope of stakeholders, and it was suggested to organize upcoming meeting in the same format.  

07:29 July 12, 2011


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