Real Owners of Dalma Gardens: Archival Documents

Real Owners of Dalma Gardens: Archival Documents

In addition to the land users of Dalma Gardens in Yerevan, there are people whose ancestors owned lands in the gardens, which is evidenced by the exclusive archive documents. Armenak Ghambaryan, the grandfather of Satenik and Mariam Shahkhatuni sisters, who was a winemaker, let his 12.4,000-square-foot land area to the USSR in 1934 to cultivate it for farming.

In 1992, in the Golos Armenii newspaper, the sisters saw an announcement regarding the owners of Dalma Gardens. According to the statement, the owners had to submit their documents to the state so that the ownership of the land could be recognized. They have a document dating back to 1934, which states that the land had belonged to their grandfather.

Shahkhatuni sisters applied to the president months ago, then went to Yerevan municipality, but no tangible results were achieved. Ashot Isabekyan holds the document signed by his father's grandfather, according to which he bought land in Dalma Gardens in 1912. Describing the location of his ancestors' land, Ashot Isabekyan noted that it was located in the section of Yerevan's Kilikia bus station on Monte Melkonian Street.

Ashot Isabekyan had known since childhood that his grandfather's father had had land area in Dalma Gardens, but only recently was he able to find the document in the National Archives confirming it. After finding that out, a legal process has begun. He first compiled a list of documents confirming his father and grandfather's relationship.

Marie Chakryan

In the main photo is the drawing of the land area belonging to the grandfather of Shahkatuni sisters, the data of the owners of the neighboring land areas․

Sale and Purchase Contract Signed in 928

15:10 December 13, 2019


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