Theme of International Day of Forest -'Forest and Energy'

Theme of International Day of Forest -'Forest and Energy'


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests (IDF) in 2012: 2017 Theme: Forests & Energy. The official website of the UN says, 'Woodfuel provides 40% of today’s global renewable energy supply – as much as solar, hydroelectric and wind power combined.

Almost 900 million people, mostly in developing countries, are engaged in the wood-energy sector on a part- or full-time basis.

Modernizing the wood energy sector can help revitalize rural economies and stimulate enterprise development – greater investment in wood energy production and advanced wood fuels can provide revenue to finance better forest management, more growing forests and more jobs.

Greater investment in technological innovation and in sustainably managed forests is the key to increasing forests’ role as a major source of renewable energy. In this way, we invest in our sustainable future, in meeting several Sustainable Development Goals and in growing a green economy.'

As an energetic sector, the woodfuel in Armenia together with the biomass makes up 5.1% of the energetic sector. This is a huge load on forests, as Armenia has few forests and forest cover makes up 11.2% according to 'ArmForest' SCNO, while estimates of different experts show from 7% to 10%.

In Armenia forests are used as wood fuel, nevertheless, no efficient measures are taken for the recovery of the forest, and the state doesn't provide any funds.

In near future it's impossible to develop forest energy in Armenia. The Armenian Government still has to make the forest cover of Armenia 20.1%, which the government has undertaken as a measure for climate change mitigation. This indicator shall be achieved by 2050.


15:38 March 21, 2017


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