"If It's Impossible To Keep Jermuk Air, Water and Nature, This Mine Mustn't Be Developed": Nikol Pashinyan


The development of Amulsar Gold-bearing quartzite mine is excluded if it is not possible to preserve the air, water and nature of Jermuk, as RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said during "Yes" campaign of the constitutional referendum in Jermuk Town in Vayots Dzor Region on March 12.

Our question is as follows: Ex Nature Protection Ministry officials who made the records and read them whether they had verified their authenticity. And second, if it suddenly turns out that they had not checked, or was it their responsibility to test its truthfulness? This is one area of ​​investigation. The second direction or question is the following: have the results of the past research in the Soviet period been taken into account in mine-related processes? This is the second direction we should get the answer to.

The third direction is as follows: the Investigative Committee has drawn up a 154-question questionnaire as a result of the ELARD and Lydian debate, which will soon be sent to interested NGOs as well as the National Academy of Sciences for the purpose of elaborating around which the final interrogation of the representatives of "Lydian" and "ELARD” will take place, as a result of which all these debates will be resolved," he said. "I promise you that in the case of Amulsar it is excluded that we divert 1 mm from the truth ... I can confidently say that in the case of Amulsar I am one of the few people who have no interest except for the interests of Armenia."

March 13, 2020 at 11:21