"Premium Mining" LLC Intends To Prospect Copper and Polymetals in Tavush and Lori Forest Areas


"Premium Mining" LLC intends to prospect copper and polymetals in Tavush and Lori forest areas. The public discussions of the claim submitted to Nature Protection Ministry will be held at Dilijan Rural Municipality at 12:00 on 18 November.

Geological prospecting is planned to be carried out in Kirants, Tsaghkavan, Yenoqavan, Sevqar, Baghanis, Haghartsin communities in Tavush Region and within the administrative borders of Atan and Shamut villages of Tumanyan community in Lori Region.

It’s noteworthy that the land areas in these communities are exclusively of forest and agricultural significance. The claim doesn’t day whether or not there will be tree felling conducted.

'Premium Mining' LLC intends to carry out geological extraction at 1:2000 scale in the area of 153.4 ha in Karnut copper demonstration and to lay around 30-kilometer-long prospecting routes. Fourty two drilling squares will be constructed, each – 48 m2 and two-kilometer-long road will be recovered. Besides, geoprospecting and assessment works of 500 diameter/km volume will be carried out on 1:10.000 scale in 8355.17 ha of Voskepar polymetallic, Ttujur and Salkut-Kaghnut copper demonstrations of Karnut-Sarnaghbyur mine field.

15:48 November 09, 2016


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